Ground Maintenance

Grass CuttingGrass Cutting
We can provide regular grass cutting services to all commercial & Industrial properties. Grass cuts can be scheduled to meet the client’s needs.
Depending on type of property we usually work on a basis of agreed cuts per year and divide this over the growing months.
Additional or reduced cuts can be agreed prior to any agreed contracts.

Hedge Trimming Hedge Trimming
Carry out Hedge Trimming of all types including trimming of trees, plants and shrubs etc.

Weeding Weeding
Weeds are simply plants which grow in the wrong place. We carry out regular duties of weed pulling & weed killing. Again depending on the property we would draw up a schedule of visits to regulate weed control.

Litter Picking Litter Picking
We provide a regular litter picking service. This can range from daily litter picks to weekly litter picks depending on the nature of the site and what is required. This also includes emptying of bins and removing of all rubbish off-site etc.

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